Scholarships 2023

$2000 scholarships available for two exceptional college students

  • who have completed at least one college semester of study
  • who are pursuing careers in education and
  • who are residents of Cumberland County

Download Scholarship Application:  ScholarshipApp2023

Specific requirements:

  1. Any student is eligible who has completed one semester at an accredited college and is majoring in education;
  2. The student must be a resident of Cumberland County;
  3. The completed application and attachments must be received by the scholarship committee by April 1st;
  4. Scholarships will be announced at the May CCREA meeting. Recipients will be notified before this meeting, and will be invited with their parents to attend the May meeting;
  5. The scholarship checks will be presented at the May meeting or sent directly to the recipients after the receipt of the successful transcript of grades.

Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee was formed primarily to oversee the award of scholarships to aspiring teachers. The committee accepts applications, judges their merits, chooses recipients based on set standards, and, at the May meeting of the CCREA, awards the scholarship(s) to the recipient(s). The committee is also responsible for the raising of monies to support the scholarship fund. It does this primarily by means of individual donations from members, but also by special fund-generating events.

  • Jean Phillips, Chairperson, 325 River Road, Windham, ME 04062 (207-329-5652)*
  • Peter Allen
  • Beth Guy
  • Linda Hussey

If you have questions, please address them to the Scholarship Committee Chairperson, Jean Phillips*