Yearly Membership Dues

Membership in CCREA is open to anyone involved in education. Included are teachers, educational technicians, administrators, secretaries, bus drivers, custodians; all are welcome.

Dues are $15.00/school year, payable to CCREA through its treasurer: Karen Oak,  20 Liza Harmon Drive #13, Westbrook, ME  04092.  If there are questions, you may contact Karen at 207-887-9343.

If you have questions regarding membership, we invite you to call one of the following people:

  • Peter Allen, Vice President/Membership  207-518-0481
  • Roberta Morrill, President             207-893-8313

Monthly Membership Meetings

Monthly meetings are held September – December and March – May each year. These meetings are the heart of our group life and the control-central of our membership. They are held on the second Thursday of the month and a luncheon is served. Price of the luncheon is $18.00.

Please contact the following people by the Saturday before the Thursday luncheon meeting:

  • Last name A-M:    Gisele Bougie, Coordintor (207-699-4089)
  • Last name N-Z:     Dottie Megna  (207-878-9339)